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Standby Emergency Department opens at Palomar Health Downtown Campus


Palomar Health Downtown Campus began operating a 24/7 standby emergency department on Wednesday, Feb. 20, on the third floor of the historic Escondido hospital. The transition is expected to help the hospital better manage the patient population it serves.

The Standby Emergency Department replaced the Palomar Health Expresscare Plus outpatient clinic, which had been operating on the site for the past six months. The California Department of Public Health licensed the space for permanent use as a standby emergency department on Tuesday.

The standby license status is a level below what the emergency departments at Palomar Health’s other two hospitals are licensed to do. The new Palomar Medical Center in western Escondido and Pomerado Hospital in Poway operate basic service emergency departments. They provide emergency surgery and other care services required for treating critical emergencies.

The Standby Emergency Department will treat non-critical care and behavioral health patients, and stabilize patients who need to be transported to the emergency department at the new Palomar Medical Center.

Palomar Health Downtown Campus was formerly the home of Palomar Medical Center. In August, Palomar Medical Center relocated most of its services to the new hospital on Citracado Parkway, including intensive care and emergency medical services.

Palomar Health Downtown Campus now specializes in women’s and children’s, behavioral health and rehabilitation services.

Standby emergency departments are required to have physicians on call. The Standby Emergency Department at Palomar Health Downtown Campus will have a physican on duty and emergency room staff at all times.

For more information about Palomar Health, please visit www.PalomarHealth.org.


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